Engine Specifications

“You don’t own a Gardner Diesel, as we have been told several times, you just act as a caretaker for the next boat owner.  I wish that were true for all marine engines.”   Chris Lambertsen



Main Engine Gardner 8LXB, 13.93 litre 8 cylinder, BHP 176 HP
Propeller Hundested VP4-FROA Variable Pitch

The engine room on SHIBUMI is a cruiser’s dream.  Located under the pilot house with access forward and aft, the sealed compartment is a well lit, walk-in and standup space with a work bench and  cabinets to store tool and parts. The main engine and generators have service access to both port and starboard.

The space houses all major pumps, thru hull fittings, and systems, including two 8kw generators, Grunert refrigeration, a 50 gallon/hour watermaker, a high volume PTO driven emergency water pumping system, a 150 gallon holding tank, a 50 gallon spent oil tank, and supporting systems.

Shore power is handled through a Charles 12 KVA International Isotransformer.  The ship’s primary DC charger is a Heart Interface “Freedom 25”, 24 V Inverter/charger. 

The generator has a secondary 12 V charger for its battery bank.  All systems are designed to function with either US 60 cycle or European 50 cycle power.

The main power plant is a Gardner 8LXB with a Twin Disc MG 509 reversing and reduction gear.  This is a 13.93 liter in line 8 cylinder direct injection engine which develops 176 BHP at 1500 rpm.  Idle is set at 450, and cruising rpm is 750 to 1000.

Sterngear is a Hundested VP4-FROA Variable Pitch propeller system.  Pitch control is regulated from the pilothouse nav station.

The primary  generator is a Westerbeke 21, 7.7 kw diesel. Under way, at cruising rpm, a second 8 kw main engine PTO driven generator supplements the vessel’s AC needs.