SHIBUMI is a 65-foot, twin keel sailing vessel custom designed by Alan Wright and launched in 1974 from the SeaGlass Vessels boatyard in Auckland, New Zealand.

SHIBUMI is a ketch, which means that she has two masts: the main mast forward and the mizzen mast aft.  Her 176 horsepower 8-cylinder Gardner 8LXB diesel powers us at seven knots (mph). She is designed to hold 1,100 gallons of diesel fuel and 720 gallons of fresh water.

SHIBUMI weighs 50 tons plus, has a 15’ beam (width) and draws 6’ 6” (depth). She is documented through the US Coast Guard. 


For ten years, she sailed the Caribbean as a charter boat.  In the past few years, two different families sailed SHIBUMI around the world. When we acquired the yacht in 1996, we discovered that the Japanese translation of SHIBUMI is “great refinement underlying commonplace appearances.”  Then Jackie discovered a second definition:  effortless perfection !”  So we decided to keep the name, and then later discovered that it is also considered bad luck to change the name of a vessel. 


Vessel Data Sheet

Current Sail Measurements

Original Sail Measurements

Systems Orientation

Engine Specifications

Maintenance Log

Haul Out Specifications

Interior Layout


Vessel Specifications (pdf)