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Welcome to our web site!   We hope that you enjoy meandering through the information and photographs that we have collected.  This page is our effort to assist you in understanding our thought process as we developed the web so that you can navigate through it easily.




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 Purpose: As time passes, the uses for our web site increase.    
To communicate our adventures aboard SHIBUMI as we venture off-shore
To share our successes and failures as we interface with foreign cultures and boat equipment
To describe our vessel features and specifications
To document our voyages
To document cruiser amenities in the ports we visit
To provide a means for you to send us feedback
To provide links to other web sites for information such as weather updates
To occasionally offer SHIBUMI for charter
To occasionally offer crew positions for offshore passages to qualified sailors
Structure: The Meridians web site is actually three separate webs, each formatted to fulfill a special purpose: 

Our “Main” web site describes the vessel, crew, bits and pieces about seamanship, charter opportunities, and other topics of interest to cruisers and others interested in the sea.  To answer the question, “where in the world are they now?”, click either “ShipTrak” or “Winlink” as both systems load the last position report we send by SSB each time we anchor.  On long ocean voyages, we transmit a position report daily.

Our “Voyage Logs”  web site details individual legs of our trip.  The initial page displays a table of contents for individual voyage logs.  When you click on a Volume Number highlighted in blue, the system displays a web page for that particular voyage.  When you click on the name of a port highlighted in blue, the system displays detailed information about that harbor.

Our “Port Summary” web site details the location of our major stops and identifies the support systems we discovered ashore.  The initial page displays a table of contents for individual ports.  Finding adequate suppliers of everything from food to engine parts is time-consuming. Knowing where to go and what to do for a specific port reduces the anxiety when first going ashore.  We hope that other cruisers in our wake will be able to use this information to their advantage.