Thanksgiving, 2003

On Thursday, November 27th, Chris and Jackie introduced five couples from different European countries to the American Thanksgiving holiday.  Part of the fun was finding the ingredients:  “pava entiro” means a whole turkey to roast when you are talking to the butcher.  Then you need him to cut the bird into pieces small enough to fit in a marine oven!  Fortunately Jackie still had frozen cranberries in the freezer and Stove Top Stuffing mix and Jiffy cornbread packages aboard in Zip-Loc baggies! 

The guests arrived at 4 pm for a ninety minute cocktail hour while Chris reviewed Thanksgiving traditions with them.  The turkey baked while they sipped Spanish wine and ate appetizers.  The only item we truly missed was a VHS tape of a football game which we could play during the first hour.  Jackie reheated all the casseroles in the microwave while Chris carved the turkey. 

Lena brought an apple tart and Lindy her family version of apple pudding with vanilla ice cream stored by Else.  So desert was an international event.  Our European guests included:

bullet Switzerland:  Harm and Else Smit from Grote Beer
bullet England:  Barry and Lindy Bullen from Samarang
bullet Sweden:  Lars and Lena Akerlind  from Atlantis
bullet Germany:  Jochen and Riitta Wieck from Sea Princess
bullet France:  Olivier and Anne Lay from Rama

The final compliment from the guests was to ask for the recipe book that Jackie had created in the past to avoid always asking her mother for the recipes, year after year after year!

Harm Smit and Chris watch the weather before the party!

Chris defining traditions and requesting that everyone sign our Guest Book as Lindy observes.

Looks like the  bird is ready to serve to Chris!

From bottom left:  Anne Lay, Jochen Wieck, Lena Akerlind, Lars Akerlind, Jackie Lambertsen, Barry Bullen with Lindy’s back to the camera

Sherry becomes the official drink with the other starters.  From left:  Olivier and Anne Lay, Lena Akerlind, Else Smit

Jackie checks crumbs while Jochen Wieck explains more chess to Chris

From left:  Barry Bullen, Lena Akerlind, Lindy Bullen, Riitta Wieck, Lars Akerlind, Else Smit