Special Events

Year Event
2008 Transit Panama Canal, February 5-6
2008 Visit from Frank Queen, January 20-25
2007 Christmas email greeting
2007 Celebration of Emily Davis’s Graduation from UNC School of Nursing
2007 Grampy’s 90th Birthday Celebration
2007 Visit from Frank Queen, March 10-17
2007 Excursion to Merida in The Andes
2006 Christmas email greeting
2005 Christmas email greeting
2005 Thanksgiving in Wallingford, Pennsylvania
2005 Visit from Yvars family, March 30 to April 4th, Spring Break
2004 Fishing Stories from Trans-Atlantic Crossing
2004 Visit from Jo Yvars, January 29 to February 5
2003 Christmas holidays in Rota, Spain
2003 Thanksgiving in Rota, Spain
Most Requested Recipes:  
bullet Arroz del Mar
bullet Gravlax
bullet Steamed Mussels
bullet Thanksgiving from Margaret Jennings
bullet Hummingbird Cake
bullet Tzatziki Sauce
bullet Corn Bake Casserole
bullet Refrigerator Focaccia
bullet Streusel Brownies
bullet Peach Pie