2007 Frank Queen

Paradise Found


Saturday:  Arrive from Panama City
bullet Unpack and orient, ie learn to use the head
bullet Attempt to snorkel in malicious surf
bullet Farewell Dinner for Denis Fourgeau-Ciers, a great American.
bullet Welcome Dinner for Frank Queen, the palest mariner to ever join the vessel.
Sunday:  Tour in Golf Cart
bullet Motor by golf cart around San Andres (“I take you to the best place for the carts – she’s a fat lady, she has the best carts” — taxi driver taking Denis to the airport)
bullet Lunch at Fisherman’s Cove (“Well, yes – those are pretty much standard toilets for most of where we’ve visited.”)
bullet Judge windsurfers at Punta Suda (“Yeah, I could do that — if I had some abs — well, maybe I could do it.  Maybe.”)
bullet Evening Entertainment:  Secondhand Lions

Monday:  Act like a cruiser
bullet Check out with customs
bullet Grocery shopping (“The word for eggs is huevos.  They don’t put them in the refrigerated section.”)
bullet Grace gets her present, after sales clerk demonstrates how to wrap a pareo.
bullet Snorkel with tourists on island
bullet Learn how to snub anchor line (“Yeah, the rest of those sounds at night are standard, probably.”)
bullet Take after dinner responsibilities from captain
Tuesday:  Sail to Isla Bolivar at Cayos del Este Sudeste
bullet Wait for Chris to checkout at 9 am
bullet Handle sheets when Chris hoists sails (“Hand flat like this.  Don’t stick your finger in the lines going around the winch. I don’t have the time or inclination to practice medicine.”)
bullet Arrive at islands late afternoon, bad timing
bullet Lookout for coral heads which are hidden behind the clouds
bullet Safely anchor (“Keep your toes away from that chain while its moving.”)
bullet Evening Entertainment:  What the Bleep Do We Know?
Wednesday:  Snorkel, sleep, snorkel
bullet Walk beaches
bullet “We have arrived at paradise.  Why leave?”
bullet Snorkel around boat in AM
bullet Nap after lunch – decompression from shore world
bullet Completed listening to “Boater’s I-pod” tunes.
bullet Snorkel on farthest reef in PM
Thursday:  Explore, explore, explore
bullet Treasure hunt on beaches for sand motifs back home
bullet Snorkel, eat, nap, snorkel.  Repeat as necessary.
bullet Wash up on sand dunes (“Really, if you turn over, there’s more meat on your butt than your feet.  It really works.”)
bullet Ponder important rigging issues while the steaks cook (“Grilling, chilling, and telling lies.”)
bullet Evening Entertainment:  An Inconvenient Truth

Friday:  Return to San Andres
bullet Final and excellent snorkel
bullet Weigh anchor with Chris
bullet Take garbage ashore to check in
bullet Absorb buffalo chicken legs
bullet Frank prepares for departure – the palest mariner to ever leave the vessel.
Saturday:  Depart to Panama City
bullet Drinking coffee,
bullet Waiting for the plane,
bullet Solving the world’s problems,
bullet And telling more lies