2004 Fish Stories

Ye Ole Fishy Storey #1

Jackie had just retired after lunch to “rest her back” on Thursday, December 16th, when the starboard rod whined and the fish shot off like a rocket. Chris jumped onto the stern and struggled to retrieve the rod from the rod rack with a fighting fish on the line. The boat was sailing 7 knots and we couldn’t slow her down. The next twenty minutes were a contest between man and seafood which happily ended in many frozen fish fillets.

Chris Lambertsen, Happy Fisherman #1


Ye Ole Fishy Storey #2

It was midday on Saturday, December 18th, while Jackie was preparing lunch and Chris was napping when both rods whirred!  Not to be outdone, Holt Farley and Mike Laughlin rushed aft to take the rods and reel in the fish. 

Since we had previously lost two good strikes, tension mounted until both fish were aboard.  Then Mike’s tried to make a quick exit through a scupper until he put a knee on him and succeeded in holding him down! 

After Chris showed them how to strip the skin and fillet the fish, the gentlemen fishermen overran the galley to wrap and freeze their catch.  These photos tell the real truth!

Then there was the big one…

Holt Farley, Happy Fisherman #2

Mike Laughlin, Happy Fisherman #3