2003 Christmas Holidays

Our Spanish tutor, Reza Nevisi, and his wife Aurora Luna invite us to share a Sunday afternoon tea with their two children, Sara and Daniel, and our dockmates Lars and Lena Akerlind.

Our stay in Rota was greatly enhanced by the many kindnesses bestowed on us by this couple.  They assisted us in securing the proper paperwork to buy a car.  Reza acted as an interpreter and intermediary to activate the warranty on the car.  And Reza introduced us to his veterinarian when we needed to secure updated rabies booster shots for our cats.

Aurora found Jackie and Riitta Vacek the Finnish sauna that Riitta craved.  And finally they assisted us in disposing of the car when we left Rota.  Many thanks to both of them!

Our Spanish friends aboard Marta II, docked almost directly across from us in the Rota Marina, invited us to Christmas dinner.  Antonio and Marta Jimenez displayed gregarious Spanish hospitality as their oldest daughter Marta served the five course meal from 9 pm until midnight.

This evening was the first of several times that Antonio and Marta invited us into their home.  After they discovered that we were interested in learning to cook Spanish-style, they showed us how to prepare gravlax, seafood rice, steamed mussels, and grilled beef. 

During Chris’ absence during February, Marta shared meals and shopping trips to both El Puerto and Gibraltar with Jackie.  Antonio and Marta taught us many aspects about Spanish culture which we never would have discovered.

2003 New Year’s Eve Buffet…Jackie’s turkey, Lars’s gravlox…and the efforts of many others.

2003 New Year’s Eve Buffet

Many thanks to Heidi Brandt aboard Morgana for her organizational help!