It was a great day for Jackie when Lars and Lena Akerlind decided to move their sailing yacht Atlantis from K dock to G dock.  SHIBUMI was berthed on the lee side of the marina quay which provided excellent shelter, but the rest of the cruisers were docked on the other side.  The marina is quite safe and secure, but it was better with another friendly face around.

Lars and Lena left an entrepreneurial life as clothes designers and manufacturers in Goteborg, Sweden, to cruise.  They have spent the past four years sailing the western Mediterranean, notably the western coast of Italy, Corsica, and  Sardinia where they wintered for two seasons in Alghero near Anne and Olivier Lay on board RAMA.  We shared many events:  meals, shopping trips excursions, bullfighting, recipes, cat-sitting, and friendship.

Sailing vessel Atlantis is a well maintained 48 foot cutter rigged sloop with all of the typical topsides character and below-decks beauty and craftsmanship that the Hans Christian line is so well known. 

It seemed for a while during this winter that Lars and Chris were having a maintenance match of sorts.  Every time Lars would start a project, Chris realized to his dismay that he needed to add that project to his list.  Hopefully the same was happening to Lars.  And so it went for most of the winter. 

Chris was thankful when they went on the hard that his project list became shorter.  Jackie just missed her wonderful neighbors and Lars’s morning bagette!

Sample Christmas photos …

demonstrate Lena and Lars’s energy and style!

January 29, 2004, Lars’s 65th birthday

Lena showing that youth is not only for the young!

Lars’s 65th birthday party lasting from 11 am until 5 pm

January 29, 2004, Lars’s and Lena’s anniversary!  Yes, it is the same day!,

Lars and Lena cutting the cake for Leslie Ann Duncan.

November, 2003, Thanksgiving dinner aboard SHIBUMI

Dinner aboard RAMA, March, 2004

Anne Lay and Lena Akerlind

Sisters no matter where they winter!

Last night in Rota:  March, 2004

Last night in Rota:  March, 2004

Last night in Rota:  March, 2004

Leslie Ann Duncan from Dotty Dee, Lena Akerlind, Anne Lay from RAMA, Jackie Lambertsen from SHIBUMI

Last night in Rota:  March, 2004

Lars Akerlind, Chris Lambertsen from SHIBUMI, Olivier Lay from RAMA, Ian Duncan from Dotty Dee