Erik Lambertsen

This is English Harbour, Antigua and it is where our boat SHIBUMI was anchored when I arrived on Tuesday, December 27th. The harbor is beautiful with mountains surrounding it.

Here I am with my Aunt Jackie on New Years Eve. We went ashore for the night and had a delicious barbeque. I met some really interesting English couples that were friends of my aunt and uncles. One being a guy named Nick who tried to convince me that I needed to take a long trip through Europe.

This is my Uncle Chris and I sailing on Sunday, January 2nd. We sailed from our one day stay in Green Island harbor back to English Harbour. It was a great sail and I kind of got the hang of steering the big vessel after a while. I’m beginning to see the making of a okay suntan too.

Here I am with Jill Windle aboard Altair and Caroline aboard Stark Jammer, two nice British ladies I met on this trip. I am enamored with their accent and all the strange words they use such as “loo”.

Being the big fan of Eric Clapton that I am, it was a treat to sail past his island compound. Look at that magnificent building perched on the cliff.

Here we are in Deep Bay Harbor. We stopped here for the night and it was a great place for swimming and hanging out. That is me performing a back-flip off the bow of the boat.

I also spent a good amount of reading time on the trip, that is me burning through a good Tom Clancy novel.

I took this shot when we were anchored in Green Island Harbor and it was an amazing sunset. The island of Antigua is a truly beautiful place and sunsets like this are only a small part of its beauty. Baby, I wish you were there next to me watching it with me.