Chris Lambertsen

    Crew Profile: Christian J. Lambertsen

Chris was born and raised in Philadelphia, spending summers in Woods Hole on Cape Cod and later in Annapolis and the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake, near St. Michaels. 

Boating officially began when he was 5 with family outings on a Cape Cod knockabout.  When he thought he had mastered the routine (little did he know), he refitted a flat bottom wooden rowboat with an oar-mast and a bed sheet sail, and, with the wind, took off across Walquoit bay. 

Possibly by pure chance, but probably under advice from his father, he had taken a spare oar, and made it back to the dock under paddle, thoroughly excited about downwind sailing, but still a bit at odds with how to rig and sail to windward.

Later, summers were spent as “1st mate” at the age of 12 on the family’s Alden Yawl,  first in the far reaches of the Chesapeake, and then as far as Maine with the clan and friends.

Through school and college, he joined the crew of Proton II for as many weekend Bay races out of the Severn and Annapolis as he could afford.

There was the inevitable chartering in the Caribbean even at this stage, when the Caribbean was still young and fresh.

After college, he again joined Proton II for a Bermuda race and to sail on to Cork, Ireland, and then to Cowes for race week. After living and studying in England for two years, he returned to Philadelphia for his medical degree.  Afterwards he moved to California for further training and to practice medicine. 

For stress relief during medical training, he converted a scrapped WWII rescue boat into a fishing boat for the Sacramento River and San Francisco Bay. This was also a  time of chartering and Caribbean adventures.

Finally, Chris and his soul mate and co-captain, Jackie, have chartered the Caribbean extensively. 

Together they have owned a C&C 35 (a rocket ship), an Alan Wright 65 (the classic circumnavigator), and a sundry of other dinks and bateaus. 

They now cruise full time and hope …at least Chris does…ultimately to take the Alan Wright 65 home to its birthplace in New Zealand for a visit, at least, on the way around again.

Offerings to King Neptune are given regularly.


US Coast Guard License:

1042255;  USCG 100 Ton Master, Inspected Vessels, Near Coastal
Boats owned:

Celebrity 19’ Dutch built sloop


Alden 42’ Yawl


C&C 35’ sloop


Alan Wright designed , custom 65’ Pilot house Ketch

Sailing grounds as captain:
bullet Chesapeake
bullet Caribbean
bullet East Coast US from Maine to Florida
bullet The Azores
bullet Spain
bullet Portugal
bullet The Baleares
bullet Sardinia
bullet Corsica
bullet Gibraltar
bullet The Canary Islands
bullet Trans-Atlantic Crossings
Charters as captain:
bullet American Virgin Islands
bullet British Virgin Inslands
bullet Antigua
bullet Saint Lucia
bullet St. Martin through Martinique
bullet Abacos in Bahamas
bullet Honduras
Deliveries and Training:  

Bermuda race and Transatlantic passage:  Newport-Bermuda-Ireland-UK.

July, 2000 Delivery of AMEL 48, Fajardo, Puerto Rico, to Charleston, SC
June, 2001 Delivery 65’ Ketch, Beaufort, NC, to Mt Desert Island, Maine
Sept, 2001 Delivery 65’ Ketch, Portland, Maine to Wilmington, NC 

May, 2002

Train the owners week, Enya, NZ 65 Sloop:  Southport, NC, to Wrightsville Beach, NC
Dec, 2002 Delivery 48 custom Racer, Beaufort, NC, to Wilmington, NC
April, 2003 Delivery 65’ Ketch, Fort Lauderdale, FL, to Wilmington, NC
from June, 2003 The voyages detailed on this web site
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